TPO Roofing Installation For Homes In Spokane Valley, WA

Can you picture your home without its roof? It looks pretty funny, right? Simply put, your home isn’t a home without a roof. From boosting curb appeal to providing weather protection, the roof is an architectural must. At Palmer Construction, we understand the importance of installing a good, solid residential roof. That’s why we’ve built our family-owned and -operated business on integrity, matching local Spokane Valley homeowners with the best roofing solutions for their needs.

One of the many roofing solutions we might advise for homes with flat roofs is TPO roofing.


If you’ve seen the white, flat roof of a commercial building before, then you’re probably familiar with TPO roofing. These membrane roofing systems are essentially big, single-ply sheets of synthetic rubber. When rolled out and installed onto a flat roof, they provide a tough layer of insulation and weather protection. And, since TPO flat roof systems are naturally reflective, they’re also a great option for homeowners or business owners in need of an energy-efficient roofing solution.


Not sure if a TPO membrane roofing system is the right choice? To target the source of your roofing problems and provide the best fix, Palmer Construction starts every project with a thorough roof inspection. We’ll look at everything—including the actual frame of your home—to find a roofing solution that actually works in your favor.


The roof plays a huge role in the performance of your Spokane Valley home. So, when the time comes to explore roof replacement options, don’t settle for second best. Instead, reach out to the specialists at Palmer Construction; our customer reviews speak for themselves. Contact us today to learn more about our valued TPO roofing installations and whether or not it’s the best fit for your needs.