How To Protect Your Roof From The Sun’s Damaging Rays?

Protect Your Roof with asphalt shingles

Most people don’t think about the roof until there’s a problem. And by then, it may be too late. The sun is a beautiful thing. It brings happiness and warmth to our lives, and most of us wouldn’t want to live without it.

However, the sun’s damaging rays can take their toll on your roof, causing it to deteriorate prematurely. Palmer Construction will discuss protecting your roof from sun damage.

Harmful Effects of Sun On Your Roof

The sun can damage your roof if you’re not careful. It has powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can penetrate the atmosphere. When they hit your roof, they can cause the shingles to deteriorate and even fall off. UV damage is one of the main reasons why roofs need to be replaced prematurely. Some types of roofing materials are more susceptible to sun damage, as discussed below:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are among the most popular types of roofing material, but they’re also the most susceptible to damage from the sun. Asphalt shingles are made of a porous material that absorbs heat, which can cause the shingles to become brittle and crack over time. The sunlight also breaks down the asphalt, causing it to lose color and eventually crumble.

With maintenance, shingles can last over a decade, but when they start to disintegrate, it’s sensible to get an upgrade.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are another types of roofing material that can be damaged by the sun. Wood is a natural material that is sensitive to changes in temperature & humidity. Although wood shakes tend to last longer than asphalt shingles with suitable maintenance, the sun eventually gets to them.

Wood shakes need a lot of weatherproofing, but for all it’s worth, the shakes do add a certain appeal & value to homes.

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Protect Your Roof From the Sun’s Harmful Rays

There are a few things you can do to protect your roof from the sun’s harmful rays:

1. Install a Reflective Barrier

A reflective barrier reflects UV rays away from your roof, protecting it from damage. You can find these barriers at most home improvement stores.

2. Paint Your Roof

You can paint your roof with special UV-resistant paint if you have an older home with an asphalt shingle roof. It will help reflect some of the sun’s rays and prevent your roof from being damaged.

3. Avoid Dark Roofing Material

The more reflective your canopy’s shade is, the more it reflects the heat & UV beck to the sky, keeping your roof cool. If your region experiences a lot of heat, you should consider your roofing upgrades of a shade that is not a good absorber of the sun’s heat & UV rays.

4. Plant Trees

Trees provide natural shade for your home, helping to protect your roof from the sun’s rays. They also bring down the ambient temperature significantly.

Ending Note

One of the most effective ways to protect your roof from the sun is by applying a reflective roof coating. This coating, usually made of white or light-colored materials, reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. 

By reflecting the sun’s heat, it helps to reduce the temperature of your roof, preventing excessive heat buildup that can lead to thermal stress and damage. Additionally, a reflective roof coating can lower your home’s cooling

Palmer Construction is here to protect your roof from the sun’s harmful rays. We provide professional roofing services. If you’re in Mead, COschedule a free inspection with us today. We’ll offer a free estimate for how we can help shield your roof from the sun’s damage. Thanks for reading!

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