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What are your roof soffits and fascia and why is replacing soffit and fascia, which have become deteriorated, so important? The answer is simple. Roof soffit and fascia are critical parts of a roof’s protective qualities and of a homes appealing aesthetic.

roof soffit and fascia

About Soffits

The soffit is the horizontal underside of your roof’s overhang. It is the visible surface beneath the fascia and the eaves of your house. The soffit helps to ventilate the attic space and protect the rafters from water damage. A soffit also provides a finished look to the underside of the roof and is useful in concealing electrical wires.

  • Wood soffits
  • Vinyl soffits
  • Vented soffits
  • Non-vented soffits

There are several types of soffits, including solid wood, vented, and non-vented. Solid wood soffits and vinyl soffits by Palmer Construction of Spokane WA are typically used for decorative purposes only and do not provide ventilation. Vented soffits have small openings to allow air to flow into the attic, helping to regulate the temperature and reduce the risk of moisture buildup. Non-vented soffits are used when ventilation is not required or when the attic is sealed for energy efficiency.
The soffit is an important part of the roof system and should be kept in good repair to ensure the longevity of the roof and the overall health of the home.

About Fascia

Fascia is a vertical board that is attached to the ends of the rafters or trusses on the edge of a roof. It is typically made of wood, but may also be made of vinyl or aluminum. The fascia serves several important functions:

  • Fascia helps to protect the ends of the rafters or trusses from water damage.
  • It provides a surface for attaching gutters.
  • Roof fascia gives a finished look to the edge of the roof, covering the rafter tails and providing a clean line.
  • It can provide a mounting surface for outdoor lighting or other fixtures.


Fascia is the board or boards that run along the edge of a roof, beneath the overhang. It serves as both a protective layer and an aesthetic feature. The fascia protects the roof sheathing from weather and pests, and it also finishes the look of the roofline. The fascia is typically hidden behind the gutter, so it is not visible from the ground. However, it can be seen from the roof or from a ladder. It is important to keep the fascia in good repair, as any damage or rot can affect the integrity of the roof and the gutter system.

roof soffit and fascia

Don’t Neglect Outdated or Damaged Fascia

Old, worn-out fascia can cause several problems for your home, such as water damage, pest infestations, and even structural damage. Palmer Construction offers the best fascia solutions on the market. Our products are made with quality materials and are designed to last for years. We also offer a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Fascia

  • The fascia is damaged or rotting
  • The fascia is sagging or warped
  • You can see gaps between the fascia and the roof
  • The fascia is discolored or covered in moss
  • The fascia is brittle or crumbling

At Palmer Construction, we offer top-of-the-line fascia and soffit solutions that will contribute significantly to keeping your Spokane WA roofing, and your entire home, in excellent condition. We provide expert fascia and soffit installation, repair, and replacement services to ensure the beauty, durability, and longevity of your home. Contact Palmer Construction for a FREE estimate on fascia and soffit restoration, today– 509-607-2487 | office@palmerconstructionwa.com