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While roofing services are our bread and butter here at Palmer Construction, our mission is to help families throughout Washington bring their dream homes to life. Through our years of experience we’ve built a team of experts to offer an even wider range of exterior renovation services to fit your vision. 

So, whether your home is need of a little spruce up with fresh siding or you have a bigger project on your hands, like replacing all the windows in your home – we’re here to help and make the process as easy as possible.

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We are a local and family-owned business, which means we’re able to give you and your project the attention it deserves. And though we are small, we are also mighty, partnering with some of the home improvement industry’s top manufacturers to offer you the best of the best no matter what type of project you have on your plate. The Palmer Construction crew has you covered with our high-quality exterior solutions!

  • High Standards

Gil & Jen, the owners, are personally involved in every roofing upgrade project to ensure top-notch finishes are maintained. There are no fixer-uppers in our offerings!

  • Quality Craftsmanship

Be it decks, fences, or shingles, we’re the roofing company Spokane WA that has you covered. We add your desired touch so that every upgrade turns out unique!

  • Warranties Guaranteed

Our clients always have peace of mind knowing their projects are in the hands of the best, licensed and insured business, backed with top industry warranties. We’ve got your back!


New windows can go a long way towards improving your home’s energy efficiency and reducing your monthly energy bills. We have a range of options available, including vinyl windows that are super easy to keep clean and looking like new. You can trust that our team will provide quality service and a simple transparent process to ensure we exceed your expectations with our exterior solutions.

Signs you need new windows:

  • Drafts and air leaks

If you feel noticeable drafts or air leaks around your windows, even when they are closed, it indicates that the windows are not effectively insulating your home. This can lead to energy inefficiency and increased utility bills.

  • Condensation and fogging

Excessive condensation or fogging between the glass panes of double- or triple-pane windows suggests a failure in the window’s seal. This indicates reduced thermal efficiency and the need for replacement.

  • Water infiltration

If you notice water seeping through the windows, it indicates a problem with the window’s integrity. This can lead to water damage, mold growth, and potential structural issues if left unaddressed.

  • Difficulty opening, closing, or locking

Windows that are difficult to open, close, or lock may have undergone structural changes due to age, warping, or damaged hardware. This compromises the security, functionality, and convenience of your windows.

  • Cracked or broken glass

Obvious signs of cracked or broken window glass require immediate replacement. Not only does damaged glass compromise the aesthetics of your home, but it also poses a safety risk and reduces insulation.

  • Fading of furnishings

Continuous exposure to UV rays can cause fading and discoloration of your furniture, carpets, and curtains. If you notice significant fading near your windows, your windows may not be adequately blocking UV radiation.

  • Outdated design and appearance

If your windows are outdated, mismatched with your home’s architectural style, or no longer align with your aesthetic preferences, replacing them can enhance the overall appearance and value of your property.


Contact Palmer Construction today to learn why we’re the most trusted family owned and operated company to choose for exterior solutions for your home. We’re based in Spokane Valley and we are ready to serve you and the surrounding areas, so give us a call today!